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Re: Help for ... (mustangs)

> Hate to clutter up quattro bandwidth, but after telling one of my friends how
> helpful "quattro" is, he asked if I knew of any Internet-based lists dealing
> with Ford Mustangs, particularly mid-60's vintages.  If you know of any groups
> or even have some leads, email me with the info and I'l pass it along.  Thanks!
> Chris Idleman 

   There are two lists, the first is for Mustangs through 1973,
   the second for Mustangs from 1980 on.  Nobody cares about
   the Mustang II, so don't ask.

         (send requests to classic-mustangs-request@hpfctjc.fc.hp.com)
	     Contact mustangs-request@cup.hp.com   (Gary Gitzen)
                or hplabs!hpda!mustangs-request
    Purpose: To discuss/share technical issues, problems, solutions,
    and modifications relating to late model (~1980+) Ford Mustangs.
    Some issues may also be relevant to other Fords.  Flames and "my
    car is faster than your car" mailings are discouraged.  
    Outsiders are not welcome, so be sure you have a late-model Mustang.