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RE: 1988, 90 Bell housing noise

It appears that the source of this noise was the ring gear grinding against
the starter gear as the starter gear  was not retracting completely.  It is
an unusual failing mode for a starter.  The best starter price that I have
come across is from Carlsen (sp?) Audi/Porsche for $299 using internet

Overall removing the starter is not too tough.  Few things to note:

     1- Disconnect battery before removing the wires unless
         you are planning on some arc welding as you go.

     2- Lift the front passenger side of the car and remove the
         wheel to gain access.

     3- There are two bolts holding the starter.  The nut for the bottom
          one is accessible from the front of the car.   Note you have to
          lock the head of this bolt to completely remove the nut.   The
          top does not have a  nut.  The bolt goes thru the perimeter of the 

          bell housing and screws into the starter.  You need to reach this 
          thru the wheel opening.

Take care,


ps:  I have a brand new (in the audi box) master cylinder (Girling)  for my 
     88, 90 (non quattro with ABS).  I am interested in selling this.
     I bought it for  a little over $300.  I will let it go for $200 if
     anyone is interested....