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Re: Chip

Earl LaFlamme (Holyoke HS 95) writes:
> Where is the computer located anyways.  I have a straight 5, 2.2L
> '82 Coupe GT

The "computer" for all Bosch K-Jetronic and KE-Jetronic fuel injected
(non-turbo) Audi engines (such as that in your 82 Coupe) are analog
units that do not have a CPU or EPROM.  In your coupe this electronic
control unit is also called the OXS control unit and is located inside
the dashboard outboard of the glove compartment.  This unit controls
the fuel-air mixture via input from the oxygen sensor and a thermo
switch.  The electronic ignition is controlled via another control
module, but it provides static timing, and the advance is controlled
via a mechanical/vacuum unit in the distributor.

Audis with high compression engines (10.0:1 or higher), such as the
85 and later 4000, have a digital knock sensor ignition system
with ignition timing maps, but this is still a separate unit from
that for the fuel injection (which remains analog).

The 84 and later 5000/100/200 turbo cars have a combined digital
electronic control unit that have ignition timing map tables and
boost control.  The later Audis with KE-Motronic and non-continuous
(pulsed) injection systems have digital control units that regulates
both fuel and ignition as well.

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