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Re: Merkur XR4ti?

[from Dan Simoes]
>I've been toying with the idea of replacing my 86GLI daily
>driver with an 88 Merkur owned by an older woman.
>It has only 30k miles, 5sp, etc.  It is made in Germany
>(it's like the Sierra) but has a US spec Ford Tbird turbo engine
>that makes 175hp, rear wheel drive.
[stuff deleted]

>From the few reports in the car rags, seems like the steering could have
been a little tighter. The low end torque was also a little lacking. A few
companies had speed bits for the engine and I think suspension upgrades.
Might be able to get the upgrades cheap if there are any left over
considering the rarity of these birds. I liked the XR4Ti. Too much snow
here for rear wheel drive though.
It's an 88 and no too popular here. Could you press the price lower??

>She also has a 74 Karmann Ghia hardtop that I can buy for a song.
>Good shape, but it's all rusted near the engine and battery...
>| Dan |
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