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Re: engine cylinder head gasket

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Mon Aug 29 17:43 EDT 1994
> >Qian Qian writes:
> >> My car is leaking engine oil from engine cylinder head. I had the gasket
> >> replaced two years ago and was told at that time that it won't leak
> >> any more. But it began leaking again.
> >
> [from Ti Kan]
> >If you're talking about the valve cover gasket, it's very easy to
> >replace and you can do this yourself.  The gasket is only a few
> >dollars.  The trick to avoid leaks is to make sure the gasket
> >sealing surface is clean before you put the new gasket on, and
> >don't over-tighten the bolts.  They only need to be hand-tight,
> >otherwise you crush the gasket.
> >
> >-Ti
> On my 2.2 inline 5, the original valve cover gasket is cork. It's supposed
> to leak after 60k miles. I bought the synthetic gasket and had that put in.
> The synth one is not supposed to need replacing. Pain to have to keep
> replacing the gasket unless one needs to put in a hotter cam. I've got
> hydraulic valve lifters so they are not supposed to need any adjusting.

Same experience here, once the stock cork was replaced, there's been no leaks 
for years.  The leak was more an annoyance than anything else, the oil runs
onto the manifold where in would smell & smoke a little right after parking
the car.

> Ernest Wong
> esw5@cornell.edu


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