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instrument cluster removal

To whomever wants it..... How to remove the instrument cluster on an 
89-91 100/200......

1) Remove the Vee type strip at the bottom of the gauges.
2) Remove the top half of the plastic cover for the steering
   wheel stalks(wipers,lights,flashers,directionals).
3) Unscrew the gauge cluster.
4) The fun part, wiggling the gauge cluster out of the dashboard.....
   It`ll come out thru the right side, pull it out as far as you can get it 
   then start disconnecting the wires behind it.  A small screwdriver 
   works well to pry the connector locks off. 

Note: My only problem here was when I put it back in I introduced an
      annoying buzz....... I fixed it by lining the lip where the
      back of the cluster goes with double sided sticky tape.  Maybe
      black cloth electrical tape would work too.

Mike L.