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Re: engine cylinder head gasket

	You need to determine if its the head gasket or the valve cover gasket.
You said you had it replaced 2 years ago. If you spent less than $100
on it (more like $40 or $50 parts and labor), then its the valve cover
gasket. Follow the advice given by others on the list. PAP has the synthetic
rubber gasket for a few bucks. Order it and have it installed by any
good mechanic or do it yourself. If you had spent several hundred dollars
on the previous gasket job, you probably are talking about the cylinder
head gasket. This is an involved job. Be absolutely sure that it is
indeed leaking before attempting to get it replaced. On a Dode Colt
(mitsubishi engine) I had successfully fixed an oil leak from the
cylinder head gasket by retorquing the cylinder head bolts - no leaks
after 40K+ miles.


Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
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