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Re: FW: upgrading to a "performance chip", beware of your purchase

>FWIW, y'all,
>I am happy with the performance gain I have gotten with the modification 
>provided by Superchips.  I have no real idea exactly how the changes have
>been made or even exactly what those changes are.  However, don't bother
>trying to keep up with me if you are driving a strictly stock '89 200TQ.
>You will be left behind shortly after the boost hits.  The acceleration
>(after the boost level reaches some major portion of my new maximum) is 
>FANTASTIC!  These mountains I drive every day seem to be almost flat now.
>I used to think that third gear was a super passing gear.  Now I don't
>need to mess with third unless the situation is really tight and I need
>to get out, 'round, 'n' right back in "raht now" (as we say here in WV).
>Fourth gear is better now than third gear used to be as a passing gear.
>Drop it into fourth and step on the pedal.  You accelerate more or
>less like you did before the mod was done until your front bumper gets
>about even with the rear bumper of the car you are passing and then,
>all of a sudden, the boost hits and you are doing 85 and are around and back
>in your lane in almost nothing flat.
>Now, what has Peter Wales done to my car?  DAMFINO.  Am I complaining?  Not 
>on your life!  Could I have gotten equivalent or better gains less expensively?
>I don't know.  Do I feel cheated?  Absolutely not.  I got better than what
>I expected, at least in terms of better acceleration.  BTW it also helps
>in cornering - better weight transfer to the rear wheels tends to keep the
>back end in tighter.
>As they say, YMMV.
>Happy motoring.  Oh, I am in no way connected with Superchips other than as
>a satisfied customer.
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Where did you get your Superchip?