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Bellypan on '87 4000 5cyl?

The radiator on my '87 4000 SQ is covered from the top and the side,
there are panels that direct the air from the left of the front grille to the
radiators instead of letting it to diffuse in the engine bay. I wonder if there
is a similar panel on the bottom, something like a partial belly pan,
closing that airduct from the bottom. I have seen sheetmetal screw holes
on the bottom of the front valance panel, that would accomodate such
a panel. Am I missing that panel from my car?
The rest of the front grille is open as well, letting air in directly in
to the engine bay, resulting in excessive outside corrosion of the
different engine components due to the salt spray the car picks up in
the winter. Am I missing another panel there? Other cars seem to have
panels there to block off direct air entry in to the engine bay.
If I fabricate a panel to fit there, would that increase under hood
temperatures excessively, and cause hot start problems, like older VWs used
to have?
Any comment on the above?

Thanks, Peter