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RE: Audis for sale (New England)

|AUDI 1991 Coupe Quattro
|pearl white/grey leather
|Exc. condition, 42K miles, 3 month factory warranty
|AUDI 1991 90 Quattro 20-valve
|metallic blue
|19K miles, loaded, extras

Holy smokes thoses coupe prices are high!!!!.  I looked at a 1990 CQ 20V 
with 58k miles in good shape, the asking price was CDN$15,500.  I also 
looked at one with 40k miles, mint, asking CDN$17,900.

|AUDI 1994 S4
|black, 2000 miles
|Save thousands
|Father & Sons

There's an S4 for sale in Toronto, about 15K miles, for CDN$43,000.

To make things worse a guy in my neighbourhood has an S4 and parks it in his 
driveway so I have to looke at it everyday on my way to work!


Trying to buy a 87 4000Q for CDN$2000, if the dealer will just get the motor