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(fwd) RFD: rec.autos.makers.bmw, rec.autos.makers.italian

I'm forwarding this to the list for those who don't have USENET access or
might be interested in net.happenings which might be pertinent to us
Quattro owners.  To summarize, an RFD has gone up for the creation of
rec.autos.makers.bmw (an offshoot of the famous BWM list), and
rec.autos.makers.italian.  Why not rec.autos.makers.german instead of
rec.autos.makers.bmw?  Read the RFD and see if you agree.  If you don't
like it...don't bitch here, post in news.groups or e-mail to the originator
(do the same if you like it too).

Sorry if forwarding this bugs anyone....if so, e-mail me privately and let
me know.


>Request for Discussion
>Unmoderated groups:
>   rec.autos.makers.bmw
>   rec.autos.makers.italian
>Proposed Charters:
>rec.autos.makers.italian is for discussion of cars from Italy, and
>of cars with Italian heritage or containing Italian componentry
>(e.g., the Citroen SM.)  This spans the range from Fiat Stradas
>to Ferrari F40s, and (unfortunately) may be interpreted as including
>the Yugo & Lada (such is life.)  non-Italian cars styled by
>Italian designers and/or design houses are also legitimate topics
>of discussion.
>rec.autos.makers.bmw is for discussion of cars made by BMW AG.
>Discussion of other relevant marques such as Bristol, Borgward
>and EMW, and autos using BMW engines such as certain Brabhams
>would also be considered reasonable.
>Rationale behind Names:
>The original intent was to create rec.autos.bmw and rec.autos.italian;
>it was recommended to me by the members of the "group advice" list
>that the sub-hierarchy rec.autos.makers be used instead.  while this
>is perhaps a bit clumsy (and since discussions of styling houses, etc.,
>will also be permissible in the italian-cars group the usage
>may not be perfectly appropriate), it seems fairly reasonable, and
>has been adapted.
>Why bmw (a german manufacturer) and italian (a nationality)?
>1) the lists are already there; the groups should match the lists
>   if we are to going to gateway (this is discussed further later
>   in this proposal.)
>2) rec.autos.vw already exists, rendering the creation of
>   rec.autos.makers.german potentially somewhat confusing
>3) if we create rec.autos.makers.fiat and rec.autos.makers.alfa
>   (these being the dominant manufacturers discussed on the present
>   italian-cars list) we effectively eliminate other areas of discussion
>   that presently exist.
>The italian-cars and bmw mailing lists are now more than 5 years old;
>membership in the italian cars list is over 300 and membership in the
>bmw list is over 600.  Both lists have heavy traffic, and have more
>than proven adequate demand.  The orientation of both groups is
>presently towards owners who take a serious interest in maintaining
>their own vehicles.
>The plan is to provide newsgroups which will be bidirectionally
>gatewayed to digested versions of the mailing lists.  This will
>reduce the load on the mailing lists while at the same time providing
>access for those who do not receive news.
>This RFD is being sent to news.announce.newgroups, news.groups,
>rec.autos.misc, rec.autos.driving, rec.autos.sport, rec.autos.tech,
>and rec.autos.vw  This (and any subsequent) RFD and the Call for Votes
>will also be sent to the bmw and italian-cars mailing lists, as this
>proposal would have a significant impact on the future of those two lists.
>Followups are directed to news.groups, and any subsequent discussion
>should take place there.
>Thank You,
>  Richard Welty (welty@balltown.cma.com)
>     administrator, italian-cars and bmw mailing lists
>richard welty        518-393-7228       welty@cabot.balltown.cma.com
>``Nothing good has ever been reported about the full rotation of
>  a race car about either its pitch or roll axis''  -- Carroll Smith

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