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Re: Rally cars for sale

On Wed, 31 Aug 1994 20:50 +0500
BARTHOML@snyalfva.cc.alfredtech.edu wrote:
>Saw this in AutoWeek classifieds:
>        1990 Audi TQC, $30,000
>        1990 VW Rallye Golf-Street Car, $27,000
>        Vermont Sportscar   802-655-3533
>Haven't called them yet.  $27k seems a tad pricey for a supercharged
>AWD Golf synchro, if that's what it is.  I seem to recall reading a 
>proposed price of $20k new some years ago.

I wonder if it is for the street use, and if so, who did the DOT 
certification. This is important because the DOT/EPA can impound the car
and they want a bond equal to the value of the car while you endevour
to get it EPA, and DOT compliant. They have the option to crush the car if
a time limit expires and it does not comply. They do not refund the bond. 
Loss of car and $$$.

In Munich, had the opportunity to purchase new a 1989 Navy Blue 
metallic w/black leather VW Rallye Golf for what at the time 
was US $34,000 and change. 

In the end I passed it up because of EPA and DOT worries, but the car
was real heavy with those big wheel arch extensions, and the AWD.
The Corrado G60 was more fun to drive. It was not very popular in
the performance crowd. It was supposed to be a reliable Lancia 
Delta Integrale, but it was not as sharp handling, or as quick.

A friend did buy the car and had some Oettinger, and Abt modifications
installed to make it a real Alpine road monster.

At the time, VW also had a VW Motorsport Golf which was similar in
execution to the M3 BMW, in that they were hand built in the motor
sport division and were very limited. They (If I recall correctly)
had a 16v G60 with 215hp in a 4 dr. syncro chassis. The cost new
was ~$42,000 and all were spoken for by "Friends of the factory".
After I came back to the USA I remember seeing an article in
VW-Porsche magazine (Now European Car) about the car. I remember
seeing performance figures in Germany that stated 0-100kph in under
6.0 and that is keeping fast company.

Personally I'd be more interested in seeing the DOT paperwork
on the 1990 Turbo Quattro Coupe. If in fact it is for the street.


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