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Re: servotronic can be disabled! yes! also, 200 20v's for sale

[from Tom Haapanen]
[stuff deleted]

>Incidentally, I considered a '91 90 quattro 20V for C$18K (asking price),
>but eventually gor a '93 Passat VR6 for C$19.5K.  The biggest issue with
>the 90 wasn't the engine, though -- it was the softness of the engine
>*mounts*.  All that drivetrain movement when releasing the clutch almost
>drove me nuts on the test drive!
On my 87 5000S, I park the car using only the reverse gear to hold the car
still. My friend was rocking the car back and forth and though I left the
car free in neutral with no parking brake. The driveline and engine was
just moving so much. But I should be happy since my clutch foot is so
clumsy. The 'play' absorbs all my errors. :-)
Ernest Wong