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Re: Boost problems, redux.

Glen -

> My posts were looking for a kit for the wife's 87 TQ wagon, and inquiring
> if anyone had dumped the PROM contents of the IA kit's PROM for the ur.
> I am very satisified with the IA kit for ur, no problem there, just looking
> for "the facts" on kit for the '87 and on the PROM changes in the IA kit
> for the ur...... Oh, I don't know if I'd call the IA mod for the ur a kit,
> IA requires you to send them the brain and they install the mod and return
> it, or, if you're lucky, Ned can install the mod "while you wait".

I think you have the only IA ur mod on the list.  Care do donate your
engine computer for a few days to me for "The Cause" so I can read the
EPROM and let people on this list know what's going on inside there?
                                                    Dan Bocek