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Re: Audiwatch

>For those who may be interested:

>For Sale:

>1986 Audi 4000 Quattro
>Black, red leather interior.

>New KYB shocks x4
>new windshield, partial exhaust, etc

>Drives and looks great.


>Peter Schulz
>1990 Coupe Q

Thanks Peter. I just bought it! My quest for a less than $3000 quattro
 is complete. Drove it up to NH yesterday. It runs great.

Just a few things it needs:

The brake pedal is spongy. Do these systems need to be "pressure bled"?

The sunroof only opens to the vent position and then stops. Does the 4000 
have the same type of sunroof problems as the 5000?



82 4000 (for sale)
86 4000CS quattro