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RE: Climate Control Flakiness

To remove the A/C control head:

0. Make sure the ignition is OFF.

1. Get a flat blade screwdriver and put some paper or duct tape over the

2. Stick the screwdriver between the A/C control head trim cover and the dash.
Do this on the right or laeft side.  Don't pry at the top or bottom.  Carefully
pry the black plastic piece off.

3. Once the trim piece is off, you'll see the secret phillips head screws that
hold the control head into the dash. Undo these.
4. Pull the head out of the dash.  It won't come far because Audi decided to
save 3 cents and keep the wiring harness too short. Carefully twist the head to
the side and look for the snp that holds the connector in place.

5. Undo the connector, and the controller comes right out.

Be advised that cleaning the controller connector may not solve all of your A/C

Have fun,

>Hi Y'All,
>There was athread a wile back about flaky behavior of the Delco(?) climate
>control head.  My '89 200TQ is behaving similarly to the describe behavior 
>as given then.  The procedure for fixing the problem was to remove the head
>and clean contacts.  
>OK, So how do I get the !@#$%^ head out?  There is obviously some non-obvious
>incantation I need to perform.
>Anyone?  TIA.