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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #43

AudiWatch Update (Tm) # 43 9-2-94

The next AudiWatch Update (Tm) will not be 'till after Interop

Audi in the news

WORLD NEWS THIS WEEK, Autoweek, August 15, pg 3

  Tom Shaver. VW NA's vice president, is losing his job Dec. 31. So are 424
other people at VW, both are here and in Canada. The goal is to have 561
employees by year's end; 986 currently work for VW in North America. VW is
combining its US and CA operations into one company, which will continue to
be run by Clive Warrilow, who will assume Shaver's VW division duties. Gerd
Klauss remains in charge of Audi and will add Canada to his responsibilities.
  VW cut 150 people here in September of 1991 and 300 were laid off in May 
of 1992. Ironically, VW sales are up 132 percent for the first seven months 
of '94.

VOLKSWAGEN IS BACK!  cover story, C&D, September, 1994, cover, pg 50-55
(big article, lotsah nice color pics, stats, too much list, Ed.)

INFORMATION DIRT ROAD, C&D September 94, pg 38

  AUDI'S A6 looks so fimiliar, it's hard to call it a new model. Except for
the slightly altered sheetmetal and slimmer headlamps, the A6 is largely the
same car that carried the 100CS badge just last year. But slipped into the
running copy of the A6 introduction was this little bombshell: Audi has decided
to ditch its in-line five engine. The fiver is only found today in the
turbocharged S4, but in its heyday it powered the majority of Audi's cars,
even inspiring Honda (and now Volvo, Ed.) to build its own in-line five.
The five-cylinder will be history as soon as a new 24-valve V-6 is wedged
into a new A6 just three years from now.

Audis in competition

PAPER TRAIL, RUMFORD MAINE, July 23-24 SPORTSCAR September, pg 55-56
  .....Two of the four overall championship contenders were present, however,
and it was an important event for both. Defending National champions Paul
Choiniere and Jeff Becker found themselves in an unfamiliar position- second
place in the standing-going in, as the Porsche 911 Carerra 4 of Jeff Zwart/
Martin Headland had passed them with a win at Prescott.....
  The first two stages took their toll on aa couple of the fron runners, as the
Carl Merrill/Jon Wickens Ford Escort Cosworth slid off the course near the end
of Stage 2, bending wheels and suspensin parts.....Although Choiniere/Becker
had a lock on first place, there were now five cars in contention for second...


1) Choiniere/Becker (Audi Quattro S2) 1:15:53
2) Rees/Menegoz (Mazda 323 GTX)       1:18:25
3) Karamanoglu/McArthur (Eclipse)     1:18:35
4) Hajiminas/Burgess (Audi 4000 Q)    1:22:40


1) Glen Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro   (56.414)
2) Derek Sivret/Celica GTS         (60.193)
3) Nathan Draper/Celica GTS        (60.775)

1) Glen Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro   (55.757)
2) Derek Sivret/Celica GTS         (56.498)
3) Nathan Draper/Celica GTS        (57.584)
3) Daniel Jones/Audi 4000 Quattro  (57.685)

CLIMB TO THE COULDS, SPORTSCAR, spetember 94, pg 88
Mt. Washington, NH, June 25-26
  National PRO Rally champion Paul Chioniere has become the first driver in
the 90-year history of the "Climb to the Clouds" race to win it three times.
Choiniere sped up the 7.4-mile course on the Northeast's highest peak in just
six minutes and 58.25 sec.....Three former record holders competed--Chpiniere,
who drove the same Audi Quattro S2 that set last year's record; Frank Sprongle,
who won in 1992 (Ur-Quattro, Ed.) who won in 1992 with a record time of seven
minutes and 8.61 sec.....(now driving an Audi Quattro S2, Ed.).....
  Sprongle drove his new Audi to a personal best of 7:02 next year, which is
all the more remarkable considering he drove the last mile on a flat (front)
  After two days of time trails that featured less than perfect weather
(including high winds and rain) race day turned out to be hot and sunny.
Overall winner Choiniere felt that this might have been a factor in his not
matching last year's record time.
  "It didn't feel quite the same as last year. I tried some different tires
which weren't as good on the gravel and the warmer temperatures might have
affected the tires, as well." Chioniere said. "Besides that, last year my car
was brand-new, and you have to wonder if the engine is starting to get a 
little tired. Usually that won't be a factor; but on a course like this, you
need every last bit of horsepower.
  "Of course, luck plays a part too. If Frank Sprongle hadn't blown a tire,
he might have won it all'" he commented.....


Audis of interest for sale/wanted

AUDI QAUTTRO COUPE, 83, chip, updated dash, 8" rims, sports springs, leather,
A/C, CC, phone, body and interior excellent, black. low miles,
$11.5k, 916-582-4862 CA   AW 8-15

AUDI QUATTRO V8, 90, teal/leather, auto, books & records, call Sean Riley,
$14.2k, 502-448-6666 KY   AW  8-22

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 90, red/gray lthr, very gd cond, CD, fact ski rack, new
tires, $15k, 304-736-0701/lv msg WV     AW  8-15

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 83, black/black, Intended Acceleration, Buffum, very quick,
120k mi, $9k, 617-489-6548/bfr 10pm MA     AW   8-15

AUDI 200 TURBO QUATTRO, 91, 20V, 21k mi, warr til 3/95, prinstine, Blue/Gray,
phone, CD, $24k firm, 503-644-8600 OR    AW     8-8

AUDI V8, rare 5-spd, Black/Gray, 43k mi, V fast, flawless, 4 new Mich,
full maint, fact. warr, $29.5k Pvt. 215-233-5720 PA     AW    8-15

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 83, blue/tan leather, 5,400 miles, new paint, brakes
& chip, $12,500/OBO 201-358-9065 NJ      AW 7-11

AUDI COUPE QUATTRO 20V, 90, silver/gray leather, perf cond, 26k miles,
fanat maint, MIM 16" whls w/P700Zs, $19.2k/OBO, Mike 407-487-0552 FL  AW 8-15

AUDI 90 QUATTRO, 91, lago blue/gray leather, orig own, warr, 4 snow tires,
perf, $17,500/OBO, 402-453-7973 NE      AW 7-11

AUDI QUATTRO SPORT, 85, sht whl base, grp B rally car, EPA/DOT,
914-234-1229/eve NY    AW 7-11

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 84, very rare, Tornado red/beige, ex cond, 72k mi,
$15,000/OBO 410-734-6913 MD     AW 7-11

WANTED: 91 200 QUATTRO, MA/NH area, call Glen at: 508-691-1248 or
Email: glen@mass.smc.com

Vorsprung durch Technik,