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Re: Ur quattro Hp U.S vs Euro

On Fri, 2 Sep 1994, Christopher Jamieson wrote:

> What differances were there to account for the 40 Hp that the U.S. 
> models lost over the home market cars?

Shortly after I bought my '83 (#530) TCQ in '85 I ran across an Abt (USA) 
catalog of 
goodies.  At the time, a firm in Mission Viejo, CA was rep'ng for ABt.  
The catalog offered different levels of tuning.  From this, and as I 
recall, the major differences are:

1. different camshaft
2. higher fuel pressure (different warm-up regulator)
3. different spring in wastegate => higher boost
4. non cat

comments from the group?

> I've owned an 83 for 5years and have yet to find an exact answer.
> BTW, my car was the first off the assembly line with the new style 
> rear susp., fuse board, dual position diff locks, etc.
> Also, I have info on REBUILDING ur-Q hyd brake boosters.
I just had the one on my TQC rebuilt by Sport Wheels in CO. I'd be please 
to here more details, any way.  Please forward to davidder@teleport.com


David Derting


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