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Some problems solved

 I found the cause of my rough idling ...a bad hose on the idle
stabalizer valve. Five bucks got me a used one :)
 My underhood buzzing is another story... clutch release bearing (read
 $$$). It's more than I want to tackle so it's at the shop getting a clutch
 job done :( I've owned 2 brand new cars and sold them after >100K miles
 with the original clutch still working fine. This is my 3rd used vehicle
 and my 3rd clutch job...hey maybe I should figure out how to do it
 myself... maybe other drivers should figure out how to use a clutch properly.
 I haven't seen much on the list about clutch problems. Are they generally
 reliable on 5000's or are most of you only "aiming".
 87 5000sq (143k km)