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RE: electrical malfunctions

>> From: quattro-owner
>> To: quattro
>> Subject: electrical malfunctions
>> Date: Saturday, September 03, 1994 8:47PM
>> I have a 1982 Audi Coupe...
>> I've been fixing things here and there since I purchased it, but I can't 
>> the upshift indicator to operate...  As well as the passenger side-view
>> mirror...

On a VW GTI I recently worked on, the upshift light depended on the backup 
switch. I suppose this is because it also told the car which gear the car is 
in. It also seemed to have a vacuum connection on the back of the instrument 
panel; maybe to tell how far the accelerator is pressed. I have no idea if 
the Audi is the same; the light on my '82 still works OK.