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Re: electrical malfunctions

>>> I have a 1982 Audi Coupe...
>>> I've been fixing things here and there since I purchased it, but I 
>>> get the upshift indicator to operate.
>>Consider yourself lucky.  It's annoying and completely useless.
>To be safe though, make sure it isn't an indication of a more serious 
>problem. Check your vacume hoses. My upshift light went out to my delight, 

>until I realised the vacume hose was off the distributer.

I strongly second that opinion, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a 
hose on the distributor:  My ultimate idiot light went out also, and I 
found out that a small vacuum hose behind the engine had come off.  (BTW:  
I also agree that it's annoying and completely useless -- mine is basically 
always on until I hit the highway!)

- Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
- '87 VW Quantum Syncro
- '88 VW Fox GL