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Summary of weird ABS Flicker/part 1

Thanks to all who replied to my problem (abs off light/diff lock light
goes on for a couple of secs and abs resets without any manual help).
The problem is currently being worked on.

I stuck my nose in and looked around but I didn't have time to dig in.
So I called my mechanic,(Chris Smith, Smiths Import Specialist)
who thinks that Bill and Glen are on the right track, as there aren't
that many switches that kick off the ABS and reset it.

While I was there we started talking boost.  He installs his own shim kit
and check valve to increase boost.  The shim thickness is about .25" 
(similiar to the auto transmission shim that someone else mentioned) and some 
drilling needs to be done on the valve.  He is aware of this list, and if he
has a chance, he'll write something up.  As a side note,  he was wary of giving
this info, as many people reverse engineer the process and blow the intercooler
because they want more boost (one kid stuck in a gatorade cap).

One of his customers has a 200q with the boost kit and an s4 and with the 
extra boost he found the 200q was beating the S4, so Chris had to work 
on the S4 - some people are never happy :-) . 

Thanks again

jim h