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He coulda hadda V8!

              Memo from Peter Fraser                Ext. 6517
        Subject: He coulda hadda V8!                   9/7/94     8:37 AM
Hi, gang -

Here's an ad i'm posting for my pal at audi, for a pal of his...


One of my friends at VoA (head of legal dept.) is looking for a ?91
or a ?92 Audi V8. Could you put the following on the net?
WANTED:  1991 or 1992 Audi V8 Quattro.  Must be clean, no accident,
appropriate mileage with books and records. Would be nice to have
warranty left. Automatic only, odometer change OK. Color less
important but prefer platinum or travertine leather. Fair price paid
for the right car.
Call Joe at 810-340-4788 (days) or 810-652-2442 (eves.), Eastern


please respond to him (Joe), not me.  TIA for any help.

-- peter of lawrence berkeley