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RE: A/C recharge questions

There have been a zillion discussions about A/C that you should try to dig up
and read.  Without restating what has been said a million times, do what the
Bently book says to do or you'll blow the compressor (I'm on number 3). A
common fault is the evaporator thermostat and has nothing to do with low


>What is the procedure to charge an air condition on Audi 5000CS ?
>On other cars it is charged through the low pressure end with engine
>running and compressor clutch "ON". 
>In order to do that on Audis the low pressure switch should be removed 
>and low pressure switch connectors should be bridged. Then it may be 
>charged through the low pressure switch valve with the climate control
>on "LO". Is that the way to go?.
>Why the Bentley recommends to evacuate system before recharging?
>Is it possible just to add a pound of refigerant ?. Is refrigerant 
>oil needs to be added while adding refrigerant?
>Yuor suggestions will be greatly appreciated.