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No Subject

Nivi@aol.com asks:
>Does anybody know if a S4 or turbo quattro engine (including the 6-speed
>trans and electronics) has been successfully transferred to a 1990-91 Coupe
>Quattro (US spec)? I'm considering it unless one can import an S2 coupe 
>the USA.

I know of a car where a 20 V Turbo engine was in mechanically, not 
electrically.  The mechanic never got around to finishing the job, so the 
owner put the original motor back in, sold the car, engine, and bought a V8. 
 Looking at the intake manifold, I think you need to do some hood 
modifications also.  I think that in the US, the S4 only came with 5 speeds. 
 Not an impossible swap, but it would be expensive.

>Another question...Has anyone put a lowering kit with new springs/shocks on
>the 90-91 Coupe Quattro (US spec), and whether it has helped handling on 
>car? How about thicker sway bars - I'm looking for some, but can't find
>any...too much body roll.

I'm getting close to purchasing a spring/shock kit, but haven't quite made 
up my mind yet.  E-mail me directly if you want more info.  John Beckius at 
Sportwheels is working on a sway bar kit, but isn't finished yet.

Alex Chernushin