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RE: Oil Change Intervals

[from Chris Ice]

>difference IMO.  Also tried Slick50, again with little noticable benefit.
>Might be new lifter time...where does one get those Schrick cams again?
>From a couple of articles I've read, Slick 50 and all the other oil
additives are verboten. All good oils have the cleaning and lubing stuff in
it already. The teflon floating around might even clog the filter element .
. .
On the other hand, teflon for the sunroof rails is not so bad.

>On a side note, I used some marine bearing grease on the sunroof last nite.
>EVERYONE WITH A SUNROOF MUST DO THIS!!!  It sounds like I've got a new
>motor in there.  The roof closes about 2X as fast and doesn't sound like
>it's dying.  I looked for "bicycle lube" at the local hardware store, but

I got my bike lube from a bike shop. Should be around $3 for a small drip
bottle. Bottle lasts for quite a while. The stuff I had is a penetrating
oil that hangs onto metals and has teflon in it. I normally drizzle the
stuff on the rails ( especially on the part with the black paint worn off )
and work open and close the roof a few times. I then wipe off the sunroof
rail with a rag to remove excess lube. Excess lube causes dirt and dust to
cling to the roof rails and will probably gum up the mechanism eventually.
And my sunroof also worked like it was under Turbo after I cleaned it for
the first time. A good feeling when I hit the open sunroof switch. :-)

[sig appended]
Ernest Wong