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For sale: '83 Turbo Quattro Coupe, $USD 6500, Boston area

Must sell - no space. If this looks familiar I posted it a few months ago.
Since then I've had clutch work ($1100) and reduced the asking price
to $6500 USD. What a deal!

1983 Turbo Quattro Coupe (Ur Quattro), production #267. 97,100 miles. 
Mars red/brown leather. Stock except for paint & radio. Second owner,
I drove this car daily for 4 years and enjoyed every mile...now it's
someone else's turn :-)

Big-ticket mechanical work:
        97k mi.: Clutch, throw out bearing, both hydraulic cyls, $1100
        96k mi.: Exhaust (factory stainless) from cat. back, $1100
        89k mi.: turbo, timing belt, water pump, etc. $3000
        in previous 25k mi: br. press. accum (bomb), new valves, 
                r. calipers, f. tie rods

A small picture is on the Web at:

The car's in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA.  You can reach me at home by 
e-mail at reed@sturtevant.com, by phone (evenings) at (617) 862-4058, or
leave me a message at work, (617) 693-4752. You can find 

- Reed Sturtevant

- Reed S.