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Re: synthetic oil consumption

Hi guys, Carl, Mike, everyone else;

> > <Does this give better "cold start" protection?
> > Synthetics flow better in cold conditions, see additional post below.
> Yes, synthetics provide better protection during cold starts since
> amongst other things, they remain more "fluid" when cold.  

Even tho I am clearly in the camp of the Dino-juice, and have publicly
stated that I see no advantage in Syn-juice, if you keep your oil clean;
I have to admit (noooo, please let it rest Bart...) that it resists coking
better for heavy turbo users (and for you skinny guys, if you keep the 
boost on), and; in cold climes, it better retains a film of lube on engine 
parts (cam lobes, etc.) that *greatly* reduces bare metal-to-metal wear
at start-up, caused when less-adhesive dino-juice runs back down into the
block.  Hmmmm, I may have to re-think this whole business...

> Carl DeSousa
> Mechanical Engineer
> Cisco Systems


Bart Chambers
'39 Brain, heating-up under heavy re-thinking load
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