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RE: Brake problems.

Be careful to determine that your problem is really the pressure accumulator.
This part does fail, but another likely item is the brake booster. This is
located in-line in front of the master brake cylinder.  This is the thing that
actually gives you the power assist. The booster gets hydraulic pressure from
the pump and accumulator. As you step on the brakes, some of this pressure is
"bled" off and returned to the hyrdaulic reservoir. When these boosters start
to go, they "leak by" all the time.  You can check if yours is leaking by
disconnecting the return line from the booster and watching for any flow. 
There should be none with no brakes applied.  *CAUTION* Don't remove the high
pressure side; disconnect the line that connects to the reservoir.  This is a
very common problem.  I'd think that if the accumulator were bad, you'd notice
increased pedal effort.