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RE: Oil Change Intervals

> [stuff deleted]
> Have you been using pure synth oil or the partial synth Mobil 1.
> I remember reading the bottles at K-Mart and some of the weights, 10W-30
> for example, were described as being a synthetic oil in a regular oil
> carrier. The new Mobil 1's all list the oil as being a fully synthetic oil.
> I'm confused.
As far as I know, Mobil 1 has always been 100% synthetic oil. You may be
getting confused with Amoco which makes a partially synthetic oil, also
sold by Kmart and probably on the same shelf as the Mobil 1. In my opinion,
there is no point in using a partial synthetic oil. I think its a marketing
gimmick by Amoco to try to capture part of the synthetic oil market by
selling it at a reduced price.


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