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Re: Re[2]: tire info sought

> From: Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net>
> They will not.  For the 80/90/Coupe these are the numbers:
> 1988 Audi 90:  6Jx14, 45mm offset 4-108mm
> For reference, my 86 VW Jetta GLI is:
> 1986 Jetta GLI:  6Jx14, 38mm offset 4-100mm hub centric
> Some steel wheels from the 5000 class will fit the 80/90/Coupe.

How about the Audi 100s I noticed they use a 4 bolt pattern
and are 15" diameter.

Wonder if they would fit on the 4000Q's for a plus one upgrade?  

Carl DeSousa