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Re: tire info sought -Reply -Reply

>>> Barton P. Chambers  <bchambers@atlantic.nos.noaa.gov> 09/12/94
11:08am >>>

> Even then I run 205s, Yokohamas with studs.

Studs work great, at helluva high cost to tax-payers to repair the roads
they destroy.  They are illegal most places, and for damn good reason,

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Well I live up a canyon where "Studded snow tires or chains are
required for travel from Oct 1 - April 1." I don't like them myself, but my
wife can get home in the winters, and I feel a lot safer knowing that she
is in a Quattro with studs every time I see cars that slid off the road
because 1) didn't have studs/chains on and 2) two-wheel drive cars and
3) don't know how to drive in the winter.

Yes, studs tear up the roads, but not as much as  the DOT
Snowplows that plow at 60 mph with sharpened metal plows to scrape
the ice and salt off the roads. Also, I pay a hellva lot of taxes in this state
for snow removal and accident cleanups. $500 worth of studded tires
and the damage that they inflict on the roads is a _lot_ cheaper than the
many hours that 15-20 highway patrol/ambulance/DOT/tow truck
workers spend rescuing/cleaning up after accidents--all of which is paid
for by my taxes.