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Re: oil capacities

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> Subject: oil capacities
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> > > I was just reading the owner's manual of "new" 4000 SQ. It says that
> > > the car needs 3.5 litre of oil with filter change, and 3 litre without
> > > it. Is that correct? My '88 Jetta, with just 4 cylinder, needs 4 and
> > > 3.5 litre of oil respectively. I sthat possible, that 5 cylinder
> > > engine needs less oil than a 4 cylinder? Is that because one mounted
> > > lengthwise, the other sideways, or is it just a misprint?
> > That's probably correct: my girlfriend's 1990 Audi 80 with the 5-cyl
> > engine used only 3.5 litres with a filter change.
> > With recent improvements in oil and engine tolerances, as well as the
> > addition of oil coolers, it's now possible to get by with less oil
> > and/or longer oil change intervals.
> i had a 4000q, and it didn't have an oil cooler and got by with 3.5
> liters.  how much does the audi v6 take?

It takes about 4 litres, as I remember.

> >  In Germany, people are concerned
> > with the massive amount of oil used for engine lubrication and its
> > ultimate disposal.  Therefore, manufacturers have re-evaluated the
> > entire situation and--at least in the case of Audi--have greatly
> > extended change intervals and generally reduced the amount of oil in
> > the engine.  Did anyone notice that on the new V6s there is no "severe
> > service" modifier to the 7.5K oil change. interval?  
> their v8 engine originally took 10 quarts of oil (making an oil change
> pretty expensive).  later a service bulletin came out and reduced
> it to 8.5.  if you use synthetics like me, it is pretty expensive,
> so i change at 7.5K with an intermediate filter change.

Yikes!  That's the same as a Porsche, which, of course, needs all the 
cooling it can get from the oil!

> >The interval is
> > even longer in Europe, and anyone who has driven there would know that
> > most all driving there would meet our definition of "severe service."
> do europeans keep their cars as long as americans?  i have seen/heard
> of a lot of audis here with 200K miles..

>From what I've read in ams, they do.  The average age of the cars on
the road there is even greater than it is here. Especially with
Mercedes, where many people have more than 300 km. on their 190s, for
instance.  Many of these were documented in a recent article on the
190, entitled "Ironman".

If you think about it, the engine is usually the last thing to go in
most cars, and with the improvements in oil, I think it's about time to
get away from the 3K mile interval, making it at least 4 or 5K for
hi-mileage drivers.  Of course, as a lo-miles driver, I change mine
around 4 times a year.

BTW, I was mistaken earlier, the euro-oil-change interval on the S4 is
15,000 km, or almost 10K miles!  That's pretty long for a turbo!


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