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Diagnosis needed...

After my control arm saga, I need to save some money.

Recently I posted about replacing the knock sensor.  Well, the check engine
light is back with a vengance now.

At idle, the light will flicker quite a bit...it fades away while at speed.
Comes on intermittently when moving.  Dumping the fault code again indicates
bad knock sensor or poor wiring.  Completely disconnecting the knock sensor
with the engine running does not cause the check engine light to come on
(oddly enough).  Performance doesn't seem to be adversely affected except for
a slight flat spot at around 2700rpm under hard throttle.  Under normal
driving conditions, you wouldn't even know there is a problem exceptfor that
damned light.

To add a little excitement, while dumping the fault codes, the cooling fan
will kick on and shortly after the car will die.  I would pass this as a
fluke, but I got it do it 3 times!  Idling at stop lights is fine.

If anyone has insight into the problem, please let me know.  If I can't solve
it, I will take it to someone *other than the dealer*!  ;-)

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