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bushings,in progress

I had one side (right) done for $200.00 including alignment.
It was, however, a VW dealer, as the car is an 86 quantum, 110Kmi at the
time.  I believe it was 140/side and 60 for alignment, so the same rate
would make it 280+60=340 for both sides.
The same gravel driveway situation applies to me too, plus I depend
on this car for a daily driver and can not afford delays due to 
parts/tools/inexperience/stupidity/all of the above.
BTW, 15Kmi later (8 months) and no play in the wheel yet (big 
sigh of relief).

On to a different matter, I hate to bring up a subjest that was
seemingly beaten to death recently (but will do so anyway).  To the
guy who bought the Dunlop D60 A2s, how are they in the wet?
Also, how are the Falken (FK506 or something like that) in the

Also, what is the name of that marine lubricant for the sunroof?

OK, that's all.  Again, sorry to stir up ghosts.