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No Subject

Hello folks

	I have this curious problem on my '85 5000S [3-speed
	auto, five-cyl 2200cc engine]. For the last two months,
	the tranny moves from first directly to third at about
	3000 rpm (under my normal driving style). Second is 
	completely skipped.

	The usual shift points for my driving style were :
	22-2400 (first to second)
	2400 (second to third)

	I would really appreciate it if someone could toss
	a few ideas at this problem. 

	Is there some kind of an electronic 'governer' sort
	of thing that actuates the shift ? I just got this 
	car a few months ago, and havent really worked on it,
	so i'm kind of new to the kind of auto tranny used
	by Audi.