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Quattro Turbo

Im looking in the not too distant future, to become yet again another Audi
owner. I havn't had one for over a year now, and the last one I had was an 80
Coupe GT 86 2Ltr. Since I get slightly more money now than I did then, Im
looking to buy a Quattro Coupe Turbo if I can afford it, or non-turbo if I
Anyway, Im interested in a list of things that I really should look at before
handing over the cash. I know Drive Shaft boots are a good one, plus drive
shafts for that matter, but is there anything else that is "prone" to
I live in the United Kingdom, so I also have to check the body work for rust

Mail me direct if you like (mike@ocmpnews.co.uk) or to the list, as Im sure
other ppl may be interested.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Burton (ISOS) mike@compnews.co.uk  Tel: 0430 432480 Fax: 0430 432458

I never lie about anything unless it involves sex or money... actually, I don't
think I've ever lied about money.