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Re: Questions about 91 Audi 100's

>      I currently have a 87 5000 and thinking about geting a 91 100 that the 
> dealer got from a lease tradeback.  Is there anything that I should know to 
> look for about this year and model?  How are they as far as reliability go 
> from the 87 5000's.  Any major differences?
>      All replies would be appreciated

Hi Rich,

I have an 89 100, the interiors are completely redone,  In 1988 Audi
came out with the 2.3l 130hp/140lbft engine.  My car has been very
reliable.  Lets see I bought it 2 years ago at 48k miles, it now
has 85k.  I've replaced the battery and tires.  I've fixed the
digital clock, (replaced with one from the bone yard for 10.-)
and fixed a squeek in the dashboard.  I've added the ski bag
option (again from the bone yard, 25.-)

I think the biggest difference between the 89 and 91 models is the
transmission.  I have a 3 speed and I believe the 91`s have the 4
speed that's in the 92 and up V6 models.  I've driven a 91 100 and liked
it, but I liked the 3 speed transmission better in my 89, I thought it shifted
smoother and the car always seemed to downshift at just the right time.
Whereas the 4 speed seemed to not downshift unless you really floored
it. Thats just my opinion though.

And of course if you've owned your 87 for a while you'll know to look at the 
hydraulics very carefully :-)

Mike L.

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