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1987 4000 Quattro.

        I saw a string in here about the lower control arm bushings on a
        4000 series Audi so naturally the next thing that happens is
        that I find one bad one on my own 4000. My trusty mechanic
        quoted $18.60 for each bushing and $65 in labor to replace them.
        It was very straight forward.

        I also purchased two new front tires (BF Goodrich Comp T/A HR4) from 
        NTW (In New Hampshire). With  all the extras including road hazard 
        coverage the cost of each tire come to $90 total. Not bad since
        Sears was quoting $105 + all the extras...

        The Comp T/A now has a new tread pattern with two grooves
        running down the center of the thread. They feel a lot more
        responsive than my previous Comp T/A.