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RE: mirrors for '81 Coupe

Hi.  What the hell are you talking about?  You are a very annoying 
person.  If I even knew what a Coupe 81 was, or I had one, I most
certainly wouldn't give a second in my day to your silly request
for a mirror.  Why do you want a mirror anyways?  Don't you have
plenty of other opportunities during the day to look at your 
pretty angelic face?  Remember this, Rob, "One should never act
vain when one is driving in one's car." (Alli Booboona, the 
great Shaman of Driving).
Please, next time look in the yellow pages and don't bother people with your 
stupid e-mails.  I aint your personal slave, baby.  I do have other
things to do with my life besides telling you off, so ciao.  
Don't bother to respond.