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Re: Audi Trip Computer, and V8 running rich

> I just got a quote on a timing belt job from European Motorsport, an Audi
> specialist, independent shop in Manchester NH. New belt, water pump and
> belt tensioner, installed, total parts and labor, hold onto your hat,
> $301.xx US. This is for an '87 5000CS QT Wagon.

Sounds right. I paid about the same for the exact same job about a year ago at
my local Audi dealer (same car too, but a sedan). BTW, I have found this
dealer (Bernardsville Audi in Central NJ) to be honest and the mechanics
are very competent. I would recommend them to anyone in this area. An
added plus is that they are willing to install parts supplied by the
customer. So get parts cheap mail order (PAP, etc) and have their trained
mechanics do the job - best of both worlds. Of course, DIY is better :-)
That's what I do unless its a job that requires expensive special tools, etc.