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Re: avoid European Traffic

 > A warning about European Traffic aka Mid-Atlantic Automotive
 > in Baltimore MD.

Uh-oh ... I just bought some stuff from them (him).

 > Fellow Neters
 > I found European Traffic to be both unprofessional and dishonest.
 > 8/5     I placed an order for parts with Dan.
 >         he said the shipment would be made via UPS on or before
 >         Monday the 8th. It was Billed to MC that day.

Ooops. I forgot to ask when Dan would bill my VISA. The order supposedly
shipped the next day (fingers crossed).

 > 8/10    I received a ragged torn up 
 >         box which had someone else's parts in it.
 >         (sloppy shipping department practices)
 > 8/12    I finally got hold of Dan and he agreed to send
Yeah, his phone rings off the hook, and sometimes his answering machine
picks up even though he's there (maybe screening calls?) I was getting 
wary at about this time.
 >         me an additional part for repacking and 
 >         sending the wrong box to correct address.
 >         My two boxes where now to arrive within an additional week.
 > 8/19    Called Dan to complain that neither of my boxes had arrived.
 > 8/24    Each time he made excuses and promised they should have 
 > 8/26    arrived already.
 > 8/30  Dan says he resent a totally new order on 8/29 
 >       and claims original package was in
 >         hands of a third party.  He did not know
 >         what happened to compensation order.
 >                 (I was very skeptical of his story)
 > 9/7     Neither package has arrived, Dan says that
 >         he 'recalled' 2nd shipment as he though 1st one was sent on to
 > me
 >         At this point I assumed He was LYING about sending 2nd shipment
 >         and *cancelled* the order. 
 >         Dan agreed to credit  me in full plus a fee for packing and 
 >         sending the wrong box.  This would be done within 48 Hours.
 > 9/9     Despite three calls to Dan he still 
 > 9/16    had not credited my MC 
 > 9/20    for the parts or handling of the other Box.
 > 9/21   I have had to contest the charge with MC and 
 >        have sent paperwork necessary to take the money away
 >        from European Traffic's account.
 > Although Dan seems helpful over the phone

 > , I believe he is not
 > capable of adequately servicing his accounts.  He has a sloppy
 > shipping department, makes no successful effort to follow up 
 > on problems, and makes promises that he does not fulfil.  He 
 > has wasted a great deal of my valuable time.

He did seem helpful and knowledgable about most things I'd asked about.
First impressions were positive. I guess I shouldn't relate good 
parts/tech knowledge with good business practices.

I spent some time checking- his prices are good. But the way his phone 
line keeps "clicking" (call waiting or cordless?) makes me think 
"garage operation", but that, in itself, is not bad. 

 > The worse of it being, I believe, is his LIES to pacify complaints
 > and his sloppy handling of other peoples MONEY.

Actions count too, and in your case, he failed.

Thanks much for the warning.

Anyone else bought from European Traffic?

-- Eddi Jew

   '86 Audi 5000S
   '86 VW GTI

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