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Thanks, and more 4000 questions

First of all I would like to thank everyone who answered my
questions wrt exhaust manifolds, door handles, shield panels
and Bentley manuals for a 4000.

On the exhaust manifold. On closer inspection it turned out that
it was not cracked, or studs pulled, the noise came from the
valve tapping, what quieted down a little bit after driving. (The
car had been sitting for a while when I was looking at it first.)

I was able to assemble the front door handles without taking off the
inner panels. I used a bicycle spoke to pull in the rod for the locking
machanism, having lined it up behind that circular slot, a pair
of tweezers and fingers to attach the rod for the latch mechanism,
and a screw driver to snap on the plastic securing clip for the rod.
It took me about 15 min, not the 5 minutes as someone wrote it took
for an Audi mechanic.

I have checked the shield panels with the Audi dealer. His parts diagram
showed a panel behind the grille, of which I could find no trace
on my car. It costs about C$40.00. I did find the lower panel for the
radiator in my trunk though.

Now some more questions. Has an yone replaced the air filter on a
4000 with AC? I had the head light out (some of the plastic supporting
studs were snapped), but I could still barely move the metering unit.
How much disaasembly is required there? Has anyone done that at home?
I noticed that the owner's manual suggests to have it done by the dealer.

I also have difficulty putting back my battery in its place. It is the
VW Autobahn battery, and I can not fit it under the lip at the bulk head.
It was not properly installed in the first place, and that installation
was done by some VW/Audi dealer according to the records. There is not
enough room to tilt the battery backwards to slip the lip under the
retainer edge. Either the battery is too wide, or the room is too small!
Is that the wrong size battery?

Thanks again, Peter
Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: orban@nrcamt.nrc.ca