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Re: QC Lime Rock Report?

The Quattro Club event at Lime Rock Motorsport Park went off without a hitch. Two glorious days of
blasting around one of the most famous and beautiful race tracks in the US. The _Fundsalo Racing_
'84 4000Q ran strong and I even cleaned the rust off my rear brake rotors! :) On my last run, 20
minutes per run, I started directly in front of another 4000Q. by the end of the sesion I'd caught him
and lapped him. Great feeling! I also got to drive several S4s, 5000QTs, 5000 20V QTs, 200 20V Wagons
amd all sorts of cool stuff. I even got to drive Bruno Kreibich's "street" Pro-Rally car on the track.
WOW! Stiff as all hell and *ACCELERATION* that is just unbelieveable! It's geard so low it tops out at
about 95-100 MPH at redline. I also got a ride in Ned's 20V 5000 with the ~340 HP engine. Way cool.
I did get passed in the 4000Q by several ur-Quattros and other Turbos, but no one was able to lap me
and I did a real good job of reeling them back in through the corners. People were calling the old
4000Q "the sedan from hell", because they just couldn't get me out of their rear-view mirrors even in
their Turbos! WHATTAHBLAST!