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81-82 4000 power window question

I recently purchased an '81 4000 and an '82 4000, both for parts.
Both have power windows, but they don't behave the same!
The front windows on the '81 go completely down, while the ones
on the '82 stick up about 1/2 inch when completely down.  Both the 
passenger and the driver side windows on the '82 behave _exactly_
alike, and a quick inspection of the plastic under the door panel
showed that the passenger side has never been tampered with (ie.  the plastic
seal had not been broken).

Anyway, since the non-power windows on my current '82 4000 go all the
way into the door, I suspect that there is something wrong with 
the windows on the other '82c.  Has anyone else come across this problem?
Or is it normal?