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Re: temperature gauge

>BTW, I did notice the cooling fan does come on even when the temp gauge
>does not register. Don't know if the fan is operating at the right times
>Ernest Wong

Linda at Carlsen Audi got me the combo sensor for about $46!!  Just replace
it.  I screwed around with cleaning and checking for a few months.  Pretty
soon, I was getting check engine lights, and low coolant/overheat warnings
-- all without a temperature gage to see if my engine was melting down.
Turns out that those warnings were unrelated to the failed temp sensor, but
having the gage as a reference is great peace of mind.

Dunno about the 4K/5K series, but on the 80/90, the multi function switch
(as it's called) does not control the cooling fan.  It controls the temp
gage, overheat warning light, and somehow hooks into the A/C (overheat
protection I guess).


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