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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #45

AudiWatch Update (Tm) #45 9-26-94


PASSAT PRICES   AW 9-12, pg 9
  VW has announced a $20,890 base price for its largest passenger
car, the VR-6 equipped 1995 Passat GLX. The figure is 10 percent
lass than a comparable '94 model. The Wagon version starts at $21,320.
  Last year's models did include an $850 sunroof as standard equipment.
  New features on this year's model include dual air bags, a new
waterfall grille, integrated rear spoiler, color-keyed bumpers
and mirror housings, new dual cup holders and a pyrotechnic
seatbelt device that pulls all belts tight 12 milliseconds after a
  The VR6 is the only engine available, but VW says it's considering
a four-cyliner direct injection turbodiesel (Yuk! Ed.) later in the
model year.
  VW expects to sell as many as 30,000 Passats anually, double the
'93 calendar year figure.

WE CAN C4 MILES AND MILES, AW 9-12 pg 14-15

  Porsche's '95 Carrera 4 is here, a remarkable car at a remarkable

 (selected quotes, Ed.) ...we were in a gravel pit... a little half-mile
course marked with cones...like an autocross course...water...loose
loose gravel....pebbles.....the driver revved the engine to 5 grand
and side stepped the clutch. The car bolted forward. It flew around
the track, sideways most of the time...we could hear a slight ticking
as the engine and exhaust system cooled....."what I like best about
this car" "is that it is so controlled under, at, and over the limit.
You onle need make slight steering inputs, not major ones".....
The driver was two-time World Rally Champ Walter Rohrl.....$65,000 US
only $6,000 more than the two-wheel-drive one....."refinement".....
Porsche junked the old four-wheel-drive system which used an
electronic-hydraulic center diff...was too heavy.....old system made
the car a bore to drive....too much understeer.....Sixty in just 5.4
seconds.....one tenth quicker in the 1/4 mile vs 2wd..... the Carrera's
wheel kick back a bit over rough pavement, the CArrera 4 won't.....
Walter Rohrl was right, the car is simply fantastic to drive.....
Carrera or Carrera 4?....tough choice....dry roads near equals.....
everyone can benefit from the handling improvements the four-wheel-
drive car offers...the extra 10 percent on Carrera 4 is money well




B & D Used Auto Parts, Rte. 2A, Shirley MA -- "Audi specialists"
bad parts and *VERY POOR* guarantee service  --    *STAY AWAY*

European Traffic aka Mid-Atlantic Automotive
Parts screw-ups, shipping screw-ups, credit-card billing before parts
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SUPERCHIPS, grossly misleading advertising claiming CPU chip upgrades
where, in fact, no CPU chip reprogramming is done in many applications,
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90-92 SCCA PRO RALLY Overall Champion (Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker,
Buffum prepared)
1190 VW Golf 16V, Groupe 2      $15k
1990 VW Rally Golf-Street Car   $27k
Vermont Sportscar, 802-655-3533        AW  8-29

AUDI QUATTROS (3) 91 20V Turbo Wagon, 45k, $24.9k, 90 200 Sedan, 152k, $10.45k,
83 Coupe, 92k, $10.5k 410-841-6828     AW  9-12

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 90, 20V, new tires, tune-up, battery, 43k mi,
$13.9k, OBO Must Sell (201) 838-9191   AW 8-29

AUDI QAUTTRO COUPE, 83, chip, updated dash, 8" rims, sports springs, leather,
A/C, CC, phone, body and interior excellent, black. low miles,
$11.5k, 916-582-4862 CA   AW 9-12

AUDI QUATTRO V8, 90, teal/leather, auto, books & records, call Sean Riley,
$14.2k, 502-448-6666 KY   AW  9-5

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 90, red/gray lthr, very gd cond, CD, fact ski rack, new
tires, $15k, 304-736-0701/lv msg WV     AW  8-15

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 83, black/black, Intended Acceleration, Buffum, very quick,
120k mi, $9k, 617-489-6548/bfr 10pm MA     AW   8-29

AUDI 200 TURBO QUATTRO, 91, 20V, 21k mi, warr til 3/95, prinstine, Blue/Gray,
phone, CD, $24k firm, 503-644-8600 OR    AW     8-8

AUDI V8, rare 5-spd, Black/Gray, 43k mi, V fast, flawless, 4 new Mich,
full maint, fact. warr, $29.5k Pvt. 215-233-5720 PA     AW    8-29

AUDI COUPE QUATTRO 20V, 90, silver/gray leather, perf cond, 26k miles,
fanat maint, MIM 16" whls w/P700Zs, $19.2k/OBO, Mike 407-487-0552 FL  AW 8-15

NO LONGER WANTED: 91 200 QUATTRO, MA/NH area, call Glen at: 508-691-1248 or
Email: glen@mass.smc.com  (for now, buying home.....)

Vorsprung durch Technik,