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hard cold start / PCV oil loss

I took the suggestion to replace the dipstick seal as a reminder to look at
mine more seriously.  I had major cold start problems last winter.  I used
starting fluid during the 2 weeks of sub-zero weather we had.  I replaced
my battery just after the snow melted since I had 1.never done it, 2.drained
it several times trying to start the damn car.
So, yesterday I bought a 40 cent o-ring from the local Service Star hardware
store and added it to the dipstick.  I pushed it up just above the old one.
Before, I could pull the dipstick out with VERY little effort, now it 
requires a small tugg.  It is a much more reassuring feeling.  While I need
to collect more data, I did notice the car started well this morning and
didn't hesitate when I pulled into traffic.  (keeping my fingers crossed!)

OK, about oil loss.  I haven't kept exact figures, but I'll bet I lose about
1 quart every 1000 mile or less.  Since I'm using Mobil 1, I want to fix the
problem instead of burning the oil.  I don't have a leak that results in
oil on my driveway.  I have noticed an oil build-up on the metal pipe
between the intake boot and the turbocharger.  The oil appears to be leaking
out from under the boot and onto the surface of the pipe.  I have had the intake
plumbing apart (to some extent), and noticed an oil build-up.  So, I can imaging
my intercooler looks kinda messy!

I want to call on the expertice of the net relating to excessive oil passing
from the crankcase/valvecover into the intake.  I feel this is the problem.
I've inspected the hoses and replaced a couple of them (for PCV).  Ideas??


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