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Re: Oil in Coolant

>Thanks to all of you for the advice. I should have mentioned originally
>that I have a 5-speed manual mixer. This tranny does not route the oil
>through the radiator for cooling. So, if the tranny oil is in the coolant
>then I *REALLY* have somthing wrong...    :-)
I thought the other posts were addressing oil coolers, a definite nicety for 
turbo cars on hot days, but I didn't know it was integral with the radiator
With the cooler weather coming you could probably route the oil cooler
line off the the radiator connection (kind of short circuit the radiator), plug
up the line and see if any coolant leaks into the now unpressurized passage
It would probably be good to flush the coolant and check for more leaks at 
the same time.  Just a thought.

>Somebody mentioned cracked head as a possibility. Is this possible with
>aluminum heads??? This is sounding more and more like something I don't
>want to hear about...

Did the car overheat before the problem started, that has caused serious
head problems in the past.

>Robert Patrick
>Loral Federal Systems - Manassas
good luck

jim h