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RE: hard cold start / PCV oil loss


Remove the duct that connects the intercooler to the intake/throttle manifold
(easy). It's a short flexible hose about 4-5" long and is corrugated with metal
rings around it. Carefully look at the BOTTOM of this hose. You can't see this
when installed. It's VERY likely you will find a hole or a tear. Depending on
how this tear re-seals will determine how your engine will run. If you see
drippies from under this area, it's a likely clue.  A tear here will also
reduce your turbo boost. Oil in these tubes/pipes is kinda normal.

Also check all of the crankcase vent hoses. They split and collapse easily and
have the same (or worse) effect as a leaky dipstick. Sometimes these hoses
split and the engine will be almost impossible to start. When these hoses get
warm and goo-ie, they can re-seal themselves and things seem normal again.
Especially check the hose that connects from right side of the crankcase to a
place toward the back of the valve cover (and the other hoses that connect
here). I'm on my 3rd set of these stupid hoses. If you have an 87 and these
haven't been replaced, I guarantee they are NFG.


>I took the suggestion to replace the dipstick seal as a reminder to look at
>mine more seriously.  I had major cold start problems last winter.  I used
>starting fluid during the 2 weeks of sub-zero weather we had.  I replaced
>my battery just after the snow melted since I had 1.never done it, 2.drained
>it several times trying to start the damn car.
>So, yesterday I bought a 40 cent o-ring from the local Service Star hardware
>store and added it to the dipstick.  I pushed it up just above the old one.
>Before, I could pull the dipstick out with VERY little effort, now it 
>requires a small tugg.  It is a much more reassuring feeling.  While I need
>to collect more data, I did notice the car started well this morning and
>didn't hesitate when I pulled into traffic.  (keeping my fingers crossed!)
>OK, about oil loss.  I haven't kept exact figures, but I'll bet I lose about
>1 quart every 1000 mile or less.  Since I'm using Mobil 1, I want to fix the
>problem instead of burning the oil.  I don't have a leak that results in
>oil on my driveway.  I have noticed an oil build-up on the metal pipe
>between the intake boot and the turbocharger.  The oil appears to be leaking
>out from under the boot and onto the surface of the pipe.  I have had the intake
>plumbing apart (to some extent), and noticed an oil build-up.  So, I can imaging
>my intercooler looks kinda messy!
>I want to call on the expertice of the net relating to excessive oil passing
>from the crankcase/valvecover into the intake.  I feel this is the problem.
>I've inspected the hoses and replaced a couple of them (for PCV).  Ideas??
>	David